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RFK Redevelopment: What’s Coming Next?

The areas surrounding the RFK Stadium Campus have historic significance and a scenic waterfront location, making the area a beautiful place to enjoy.

Check out the next five projects slated for area – new places to watch our kids play soccer, buy fresh food, exercise indoors during the winter, and learn about our nation’s history. We can’t wait to hear what you think, and even better, to see you enjoying these amenities with your family and friends. 

Multi-purpose Fields
Whether our children are serious athletes or energetic participants in pickup games, they’ll enjoy a safe space for sports competitions and time outdoors. Near a playground and picnic area, we plan to construct three multisport fields for soccer, lacrosse, and other games, and two baseball/softball diamonds.  We’ll use synthetic turf for these fields so that they’ll be durable and useful during all seasons. 

Market Hall
We enjoy a good bacon cheeseburger as much as the next person, but know it’s important to include fresh food in our diets. At the 47,000-square-foot Market Hall – inspired by the great food markets of the world -- you’ll find a mix of food staples, prepared foods, and specialty food vendors. And there will be more fresh food nearby, including a farmer’s market and a community garden. 

Sports and Recreation Complex 
DC summers can be hot and humid and our winters can be pretty chilly, so it’s important to have an indoor space for exercise and fun. This groundbreaking 350,000-square-foot sports and recreation complex will provide space for amateur sports and entertainment, offering activities like basketball, soccer, tennis, and go-karting. It will quickly become our go-to place for the kids to run off some energy while we relax and watch their enjoyment – or get in a little exercise ourselves!

Pedestrian Bridges
Do you want the chance to get out and walk or bike through our beautiful city?  New pedestrian bridges will help connect the neighborhood to Kingman Island, Heritage Island, and River Terrace, giving us a safe and scenic way to get moving and explore DC.    Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Our nation is fortunate to have had great leaders who championed Civil Rights, like Robert F. Kennedy. We want to honor Senator Kennedy with a new 10,000-square-foot memorial that will allow future generations to learn about his important contributions toward the struggle for equality in America.