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Recapping Local Events: Time-Trekkers Spot Dinosaurs in DC!

Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek opened eyes and imaginations! If you attended, you likely heard the excitement:

“Look over there! Is that a T-Rex?”

“Mom, Dad! I found a 1 million-year-old fossil!”

“Cover your ears now, I am going to RRRROARRRR like a Velociraptor!”

You and your children uncovered, discovered, and let loose. You saw the sheer awe on your kids’ faces as they saw their favorite dinosaurs come to life and you were excited to watch them learn about these amazing creatures that roamed the earth so long ago. You might have learned a bit, too! The next time you play tour guide for friends and family from out of town, throw in a prehistoric twist to the conversation when you are out seeing the sights:

  • Did you know the Washington Monument weighs more than 5,000 Apatosauruses?
  • About 41 Spinosauruses could stand nose-to-tail in the reflecting pool outside the Lincoln Memorial! 

When you get a chance, check out Discover the Dinosaurs’ Social Media Gallery  – they are constantly updating it with pictures from the Time Trek Laboratories.


If you couldn’t make it to Discover the Dinosaurs at the Armory, the event was like a trip back in to the Jurassic period for kids of all ages. There were animatronic dinosaurs that were fascinating, and a little bit frightening for the older kids and adults. There was actually one dinosaur that kids could control themselves! 

The little ones had their very own Dino Nest to play in with themed toys and building blocks to introduce them to creatures that were “way before their time!” Families of all sizes raced through time while trying to find their way through an ancient labyrinth. There were lots of parents and kids who hung around the Time Trek Stage and watched famous scientists give performances alongside baby dinos and an actual walking Allosaurus skeleton! 

Events DC was thrilled to host the Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek traveling event. The company that runs and staffs the show supports OCEARCH, which is a non-profit that generates critical scientific data related to tracking, and biological studies of, keystone marine species such as great white and tiger sharks, in conjunction with conservation outreach and education. Discover the Dinosaur also supports organizations like Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, Autism Speaks, Children’s Hospitals, and the.