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Recapping Events: The Ultimate Rugby Battle Comes to RFK Stadium

For the first time on American soil, the Welsh Rugby Union and South Africa Springboks battled it out – and we hosted this big match at RFK Stadium on June 2. This was the ultimate rugby clash of titans. Things got heated as these two international rugby clubs and old rivals faced off for the first time since December, when Wales beat South Africa 24-22. This time around, Wales took control of the field and beat South Africa in a 22-20 match that was fast and furious.

Wales and South Africa have a long and storied history when it comes to rugby. The two teams have been battling each other since 1906. South Africa won that first match, and every match that followed for the next 96 years, when Wales finally won 29-19 in 1999. Needless to say, the game on June 2 was intense.

The high-profile international match-up was another important step in raising the profile of professional rugby in America. This campaign began in 2016, when Ireland and New Zealand played at a sold-out Soldier Field in Chicago. The debut of U.S. Major League Rugby began in April 2018, with eight teams in the league for the inaugural season and a ninth expected to join the ranks in 2019.

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