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Did You Know? Our Local Heroes Elgin Baylor and David Bing

A pair of students from the early years of Spingarn High School would go on to become NBA All-Stars. Elgin Baylor and Dave Bing both had long, celebrated careers in the NBA that would earn both a spot in the NBA Hall of Fame.

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World Rugby is Coming to RFK Stadium this Summer

Events DC is excited to announce RFK Stadium will host a World Rugby match between the Welsh Rugby Union and the South Africa Springboks on Saturday, June 2.  With 230 rugby clubs, the Washington, DC-metro area is the second largest region, per capita, in the U.S. for USA Rugby membership and the number one area for the growth of women’s rugby. 

For the first-time ever, these two longtime rivals, will square off in a neutral country. Currently ranked No. 6 in the World Rugby rankings, Wales will make their first appearance on American soil since a contest with the United States in 2009, while No. 5 ranked South Africa will return after a 17-year absence. 

Tickets for the Wales vs. South Africa rugby match will go on sale to the general public on March 13th.

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Open-Air Farmers Market Held Weekly on RFK Campus!

If strolling through a rainbow of fresh-picked produce sounds like a refreshing start to your Saturday or Sunday mornings, then you’ll want to check out the greenest scene around: the DC Open-Air Farmers Market at RFK Campus.

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Recapping Local Events: Time-Trekkers Spot Dinosaurs in DC!

Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek opened eyes and imaginations! If you attended, you likely heard the excitement:

“Look over there! Is that a T-Rex?”

“Mom, Dad! I found a 1 million-year-old fossil!”

“Cover your ears now, I am going to RRRROARRRR like a Velociraptor!”

You and your children uncovered, discovered, and let loose. You saw the sheer awe on your kids’ faces as they saw their favorite dinosaurs come to life and you were excited to watch them learn about these amazing creatures that roamed the earth so long ago. You might have learned a bit, too! The next time you play tour guide for friends and family from out of town, throw in a prehistoric twist to the conversation when you are out seeing the sights:

  • Did you know the Washington Monument weighs more than 5,000 Apatosauruses?
  • About 41 Spinosauruses could stand nose-to-tail in the reflecting pool outside the Lincoln Memorial! 

When you get a chance, check out Discover the Dinosaurs’ Social Media Gallery  – they are constantly updating it with pictures from the Time Trek Laboratories.


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RFK Campus Multi-Purpose Fields To Take Shape

We all enjoy playing outside, with our kids at their tournaments, with our teammates in our weekly leagues, with our neighbors in pickup games. But we’ve all noticed a big problem that has started getting in the way of our play:

We have a real shortage of fields, both in the RFK Campus neighborhood and across the city.

At Events DC, we’re planning ways to help relieve some of this. We have developed an economical and efficient approach in the form of multi-purpose use community fields. As we’ve moved from master planning to concept design into schematics, we’ve had the opportunity to hone in on the program understanding from a technical perspective.

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Quarterly Meeting Recap

On January 24, we hosted a quarterly meeting moderated by Greg O’Dell, Events DC President and CEO, and followed by Q&A session with area residents. It was great to see many of you in attendance. If you missed the meeting, or just want a reminder of the discussion, please visit to access the presentation.

Having completed the long-term planning, Events DC is now focused on five short-term elements. These are things we can do on the campus now that you and your neighbors will enjoy, plus we’re confident that they will make our area a regional asset to bring visitors:

  1. Multi-purpose community fields
  2. Market Hall
  3. Sports & Recreation Complex
  4. Pedestrian bridges with better connectivity to the site
  5. RFK Memorial
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Message From Max and Greg

At Events DC, it is critical to us that you are always “in the loop.” We’re all on the same team when it comes to the RFK Campus redevelopment efforts. What’s important to you really is important to us, and the best way for us all to share important points is through continual communication.

But we understand how busy you are, and we don’t want to overload your inbox or fill up your calendar. We are always looking for ways to streamline communication and provide timely updates to you.

With this in mind, we have combined the RFK Quarterly Meeting and RFK Campus Redevelopment Project Update Meeting into one single event. We started this with the January 24 meeting and plan to continue this format for sharing all Campus updates and upcoming event announcements. Don’t forget to pencil us into your calendar for the upcoming RFK Campus/Redevelopment Project Meetings: April 9, July 9, and October 15.

Please remember you don’t have to wait until a meeting to share your thoughts with us. Reach out any time you’d like to voice an opinion. Contact us through this site, Facebook, or Twitter. And continue to let your friends and neighbors know that we’re #RFKReady.




Community Calendar


2018 RFK Campus Update Quarterly Meetings

Monday, April 9

Monday, July 9

Monday, October 15

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Community Spotlight: Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) has engaged the DC community through art for over 45 years. The nonprofit organization provides artistic educational programs for about 20,000 people a year of all ages – from babies to adults. Instructional classes include photography, music, visual arts, dance, writing, and ceramics.

The organization is especially proud to provide a tuition assistance program: Not a single student has been turned away for an inability to pay for a class. That’s why we chose CHAW as our spotlight this month. We spoke with Elizabeth Rubando, marketing and development manager and ceramics department chair at CHAW about how CHAW makes art accessible for everyone in the DC area.

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Did You Know: How Did RFK Get its Name?

RFK Stadium stands as testament to history. It’s seen countless world-famous athletes, musicians, and politicians stand under its lights. So it’s fitting that the stadium bears the name of Robert F. Kennedy, one of the most celebrated political leaders of the 1960s.

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