Do you support the redevelopment of the RFK Campus? Share our cause on social media!

I Wonder… How Can I Get Involved?

Exciting things are happening around the RFK Campus. Many of you are eager to contribute your time and talents to the revitalization momentum. We welcome your participation and support, and we want to highlight a couple of ways that you can get involved.

At Events DC, we welcome volunteers!

Whether you’re spreading the word of our redevelopment efforts on social media or offering your talents at the RFK Campus, we value your help. Join the volunteer force to support the redevelopment of the RFK Campus by getting connected with volunteer opportunities.

And if you want to walk alongside us in the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade® on April 14, we’d enjoy your company. We’re looking for balloon-handlers, banner carriers, and walkers. We hope to have many neighbors participate and would be delighted to see you at the festive occasion. Please complete the Volunteer Form before close of business Friday, March 23 to be contacted via email be an Events DC staff person.