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Fitness and Fun at RFK – From Running through Foam to “Getting Your Sit On”

Miles and smiles. Bubbles and blow-ups. Running and, yes, even sitting. 

If you ever needed proof that fitness and fun go together, just look to the recent events around RFK Stadium, which brought out thousands of your neighbors – we hope you were there to experience the excitement!

On August 12, the BUBBLE RUN™ updated the traditional 5K run in frothy, foamy style. Were you among the crowd of kids, adults, and even babies in strollers who walked, danced, and played their way through the 3.1-mile course? Then you know how exciting it was to move through the Foam Bogs where everyone wound up covered heat-to-toe in colorful, 100 percent safe foam. 

A few weeks later, we went from bubbles to bouncing, at the Great Inflatable Race on September 9. This obstacle fun run featured giant inflatables spread throughout the running course, bouncing, bumping, and sliding you all over the place. It wasn’t about winning, but about getting out and getting active!

Next up was Wanderlust, a triathlon – or more like a TRYathlon – on September 23 that started with a 5K your way. Whether you ran or walked, pranced or strolled, as long as you made it to the finish line, that was all that mattered. Part 2 was 90 minutes of yoga flow, where you could find your rhythm to a DJ-spun soundtrack, and Part 3 was 30-minute guided meditation. Did you get your sit on, clearing your mind and relaxing your body? After lunch, activities continued with acroyoga, aerial yoga, hooping, walking meditation, and more. 

The End of an Era

Soccer is theoretically a spectator sport. But if you’re like most soccer fans, you participate as much from the stands as the players do on the field. Your last chance to cheer on D.C. United at their longtime RFK Stadium home will be October 22 at 4pm, when they take on the New York Red Bulls. You’ll want to be there to watch one of the most passionate rivalries in North American soccer and find out if D.C. United can keep the Atlantic Cup in the District for the second year in a row. Tickets start at $25.