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Did You Know: How Did RFK Get its Name?

RFK Stadium stands as testament to history. It’s seen countless world-famous athletes, musicians, and politicians stand under its lights. So it’s fitting that the stadium bears the name of Robert F. Kennedy, one of the most celebrated political leaders of the 1960s.

Kennedy’s brother, President John F. Kennedy, attended the first game at what was originally called DC Stadium. JFK threw the first pitch when baseball debuted there, the exciting day of April 9, 1962. Robert Kennedy played a role in the stadium’s history as well—as Attorney General he helped integrate the Redskins, threatening to revoke the team’s lease if it held a segregated roster.

After RFK’s assassination in 1968, it was decided that the stadium should pay tribute to the fallen U.S. Senator and presidential candidate. The stadium was renamed on January 18, 1969, becoming Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. It is affectionately known as RFK around the world.