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Community Spotlight: Clean Decisions

Clean Decisions is a DC-based business aiming to break intergenerational cycles through building a way into the middle-class for Returning Citizens in the District. As one of our community partners, Clean Decisions has been able to provide opportunities to those who have felt like their career options were limited. Learn more about how this local business is changing lives and helping our residents in the Q&A below with Carlos Tyler, Director of Operations at Clean Decisions.

  1. How and why did you go into business?
    1. It's been a long road. In short, being branded a felon makes life five times harder. We went into business because we know how hard it is to gain meaningful employment. All our staff has been turned down from numerous jobs because of background screenings. Clean Decisions exists to provide an opportunity for Returning Citizens within the Greater Washington, DC area to cultivate and unleash their full personal and professional potential. We exist to break negative intergenerational cycles in our families. We exist to build a way into a middle-class lifestyle and have the opportunity to give back!
  2. What has been your favorite event to work at the RFK Stadium Campus?
    1. We overall love and appreciate cleaning every event!
  3. How has working with Events DC/RFK Stadium and DC Armory affected your business?
    1. Working with Events DC and DC Armory has given us the ability to further our social mission by employing more Returning Citizens!
  4. Tell us about the moment you found out you would be providing outdoor cleanup services for RFK Stadium Campus and the adjacent neighborhood streets.
    1. Finding out that we would be providing outdoor cleaning for the RFK Campus and the adjacent neighborhood streets was VERY surreal! We knew that it was possible but had a lurking doubt that we'd miss the opportunity. That doubt of course vanished when we received the news!
  5. Tell us about your overall experience working with Events DC.
    1. Our overall experience with Events DC has been mutually meaningful! Events DC has had a very positive impact on our community and has allotted us the platform to reach out and change lives and we're forever grateful, thank you!
  6. Why did you choose to name your organization Clean Decisions, and did you have other ideas?
    1. We chose Clean Decisions because as Returning Citizens, clean decisions are what will determine one's success and reach. It covers our intention, culture and overall mission. It was Clean Decisions or nothing.
  7. Who has influenced your business the most?
    1. The lives and families that we work to enhance has influenced Clean Decisions the most.
  8. Why did you become a business owner?
    1. I became an owner due to the lack of opportunity. I applied to 20-something jobs and was denied 20-something times. I was ultimately forced into entrepreneurship. In hind sight, I'm happy that it turned out this way. I am able to assist with changing more lives than just my own.
  9. Is there anything else you would like the community to know about Clean Decisions?
    1. Clean Decisions is a social enterprise specifically geared toward serving Returning Citizens, however, we don't stop there. We welcome everyone from every background to be a part of our family. Every first Saturday of the month we host Pancake Saturday! Everyone's invited to come out, have some breakfast with us, mingle and figure out how to continue to change lives!