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Community Grant Spotlight

Atlas Performing Arts Center

The Atlas Performing Arts Center is a recent recipient of an Events DC Community Grant in support of our City at Peace Program. The City at Peace program is a youth development program that focuses on the personal, interpersonal, and artistic growth of a diverse group of young people from throughout the Washington, DC region.

The goal of City at Peace is to use the arts to develop a diverse group of effective leaders (ages 14-24) who can authentically collaborate, act, think, communicate, and solve challenges through non-violence in any life situation today and in the future to effect positive change.

John Torres, a DC Firefighter and City at Peace alum described the program's impact saying, 

"[City at Peace] taught me to work well with others, to be compassionate, and this plays a role in the work I do now [as a DC Firefighter]." 

The support from the Events DC Community Grant allowed Atlas to work with an incredible group of young people, shepherding them throughout the year to develop not only skills in the performing arts but the capacity to listen to others and to offer up solutions to some of our city's most pressing problems.

A recent City at Peace alum noted that the program is, "...a place where you helped create a community of courageous young people. A place where you nurtured our bodies, our minds, and our hearts, all at once. A place where we were free to be ourselves and to be loved. A safe place where we were fed and pushed to learn and grow. The community you fostered in that space inspires me to this day. It is my first and best example of what is possible to accomplish across vast differences."

Interested in learning more? Check out the following video –