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A message from Max & Greg 7.16

Have you heard the news? Our neighborhood is now home to world-class go-kart racing, right on the Festival Grounds at RFK, and if you go on a Thursday or Saturday, stop by the Farmers Market next door. Stay just a bit longer on Thursday nights to catch an outdoor movie on the Oklahoma Avenue lawn.

Where else can you find some of summer’s most popular activities in one place?

With all the fun of DC in the summertime, fall seems like a long time away, but we know it’ll sneak up on us. It always does. So be sure to plan now to join us for the next RFK Campus Quarterly Meeting on Monday, August 27. We will have updates to share with you about our continuing work on the campus revitalization and groundbreaking.

But you don’t need to wait until the meeting to find out what’s happening in the neighborhood. Check out, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word and let your friends and neighbors know that you stand #RFKReady.