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12.14 Message From Max & Greg

We wish you warm holiday greetings! As we wrap up one year and prepare for the next, we at Events DC are filled with good cheer. We’re amazed at all the accomplishments so far, and we’re eager to see what’s to come. 

You can learn all about what’s in store at the upcoming RFK Redevelopment Update Meeting. Join us at St Luke’s Church on January 24 to hear news about the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus Redevelopment Project. We hope you share our enthusiasm as you see all the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus reinvigoration projects starting to take shape. 

At the same time, we know that many of you will be excited that the District is taking steps to become the capital of e-sports! Come to the DC Armory next month to watch professional players compete in this multiplayer video game tournament hosted by Events DC.

Help us ring in the New Year by letting everyone know that we are #RFKReady. You can promote the cause by signing the petition (remind your neighbors, too!) in support of the campus revitalization efforts. Let us know your new ideas – contact us through, Facebook , or Twitter.